Online Marketing for Massage Therapists

Get Your Massage Business Online

Build your massage practice by creating a strong online presence through an effective website, online listings, and social media accounts

Design an Effective Website

These tips can help guide you on how to create an effective website for your massage practice so that clients can easily find you & book online

Focus on the Needs of Your Ideal Massage Clientele

It is important to try to understand what your ideal massage clients are looking for when building your website. Focus on their needs, the type of language they would use, and their ease of use when it comes to building your website.  

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Initial Steps for Building Your Website:

Buy a domain name 

Decide which website builder you will use

Make a list of the website pages you will include on your website 

Get professional photos of your space & action shots

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Online Booking

A good online scheduling system offers easy online booking & even payments for your cleint's


Think about reporting needs for your massage business when choosing your online scheduler


Some online scheduling systems have built in marketing tools such as automated emails 

Client Forms

If online forms and SOAP charting is important to you, search for a scheduling system that includes these features 

Choose an Online 
Scheduling System

Online scheduling is a great way to make it easy for clients to schedule with your massage therapists!

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Analytics + Pixel

Google Analytics and the Facebook MetaPixel can help you track and hone your online marketing efforts. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service that allows businesses to track and analyze the traffic on their websites. This service can help massage business owners understand how potential clients are using their website to help drive better website updates and marketing decisions

Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that you place on the backend of your website to help collect data from website visitors. This data will allow you to better target your ideal massage clients and audiences that are most likely to want your services

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Online Listings

Online listings are and important part of your massage business's online presence!

What are online listings?

Online listings are directly listings that house your business information & link to your website online. These types of listings help with Search Engine Optimization and build trust with potential clients.

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Here are a Few Examples of Online Listings:

Social Media

Social media can be an useful channel for building strong relationships with clients! 

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Email Marketing

Collecting client & potential client information is key to client retention & relationship building 

Collect Information

• Website sign-up form
• Ask clients after their appointment if you can add them to your email list

Create Email Lists

Organize your lists in a way that makes it easy for you to send appropriate emails to different types of clients

Monthly Newsletters

People who sign-up for your emails would like to hear from you! Send a monthly newsletter sharing updates, specials, and helpful information

Keep in Touch

Create an email drip campaign to foster the relationship with potential clients that sign-up for your list via your website

Ready for the Next Step?

Dive deeper into honing your online presence by learning about search engine optimization for your Massage Business Website and Building Trust Online with Search Engines & Potential Clients

Systems & Financials

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