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Marketing for 
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Marketing is crucial for any massage business, it helps create awareness, attract new clients, build a strong reputation, and is the key to growing a practice that supports your lifestyle.

Marketing for Massage Businesses

Rule of Seven

The "Rule of 7" is a marketing concept that suggests a potential client needs to encounter a marketing message at least seven times before they will book a massage with you. It emphasizes the importance of repeated exposure and consistent messaging to create brand awareness, build trust, and influence client behavior. The rule is based on the idea that people are more likely to remember and act upon a message after multiple interactions with it.

The Rule of 7 is not a hard and fast rule, but rather a guideline to highlight the significance of repetition in marketing efforts.

Understanding the Basics 

Learning the basics of marketing can feel overwhelming but if you take it one topic at a time you will build a strong foundation.

• Marketing Mix: It is important to use a mixture of marketing tactics to ensure that you reach your clients on a variety of platforms.

• Messaging: Make sure that you are using imagery & crafting messaging that is targeted to your ideal clients. It should focus on the benefits you offer & the problems you are solving for your clients.

Create a Plan

Creating a marketing plan is essential for businesses of all sizes as it provides a structured & strategic approach to marketing activities. Here are some key reasons why creating a marketing plan is important:

• Set clear & measurable goals
• Understand what marketing tactics are & aren't working
• Stay focused on what you are trying to achieve
• Prepare for marketing activities ahead of time 
• Give yourself plenty of time to communicate with team members and clients before a marketing event or promotion

Understanding what makes your practice stand out from the crowd can be a game changer when it comes to marketing.

Marketers call this your "Unique Selling Proposition"

Determine what sets your massage offerings apart from other massage practice offerings. Most importantly you should highlight the unique benefits or value proposition you offer to clients. It can be helpful to think about what problem you are solving for them. 

Marketing Tips for Massage Therapists

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an excellent way to connect with current & potential clients

Is Social Media Important? 

The necessity of having social media accounts may vary depending on the demographics of your clients. With billions of users, social media platforms offer a vast pool of potential clients waiting to discover your services. By strategically leveraging social media marketing, you can amplify your brand, connect with your ideal clients, and establish yourself as a trusted expert in the industry. 

From engaging content & promotions to client testimonials & online booking, social media provides a cost-effective & efficient way to attract new clients, foster loyalty, and drive the growth of your massage business. 

How to set up your Facebook Business Page - coming soon!

Organic Social Media Marketing

If you decide that social media marketing is right for you, utilize the platforms to connect, engage, and build relationships with clients. Social accounts enable targeted marketing, practice promotion, client feedback, and can drive website traffic, ultimately increasing client loyalty & business growth.

• Create beautiful graphics using PicMonkey or Canva
• Clients love genuine posts, don't be afraid to bring your personality into your marketing
• The goal should always be to bring value to your clients

Set up your Facebook Biz Listing

Paid Social Media marketing

Well-done social ads can be a game-changer for massage therapy practices. With targeted ads, you can reach a wider audience, generate leads, and drive traffic to your website or booking platform. Invest in paid social media marketing to amplify your reach & boost conversions. You can expect to start with a budget of $100-$300 a month. 

• Make sure your messaging & images are on brand, speak to your ideal massage client, & highlight the benefits of your work
• Have a clear call to action
• Be concise & to the point

Learn more about Facebook ads

Google Ads for Massage Therapists

These tips can help you grow your massage practice with Google Ads

Define Clear Objectives
Target Relevant Keywords such as "Ashiatsu Massage Portland OR"
Craft compelling and concise ad copy that highlights the unique value of your massage services
Focus your Google Ads on your specific area to reach local massage clients by utilizing Google's location targeting
Monitor the performance of your Google Ads & make data-driven optimizations

Online Listings

Online listings can significantly benefit the SEO of a small massage business by enhancing online visibility. These listings, such as directories and review sites, provide valuable backlinks and citations, improving the business's authority and helping it rank higher in search engine rankings.

Set up Your Google Business Listing

Online Directories

Online directories include sites like Angie's List, Yelp, & YellowPages. List your massage business on these sites to help improve your relevance in search results.

Neighborhood & Industry

Neighborhood listings include sites like NextDoor & local newspaper directories. Industry listings are sites like ABMP & AMTA.

Google Business

There is no doubt that your Google Business listing is the most important online listing you can have. Ensure that you have setup your Google listing properly so that clients can easily find you.

Grassroots Marketing 
for Massage Therapy

Good ol' fashioned relationship building & word of mouth are still extremely relevant & important marketing tools for Massage Therapists

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Paper Marketing

Design and distribute door hangers to the neighboring houses of your massage business, ensure that branding & messaging are right for your audience & business.  Consider including an enticing offer for first-time visitors, such as a special discount of $20 off their initial appointment.

Learn More - Coming Soon!

Event Massage

Participate in local events by providing mini massage sessions for a small fee. Encourage attendees to sign up for your email list by entering a raffle to win a free massage. Create an inviting massage area at your booth, sell gift certificates, display available appointment times, offer convenient information takeaways, host a raffle, & provide easy payment options.

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Network with other healthcare providers to see if you can combine marketing efforts or cross-market to each other's client base. Join your neighborhood business association to meet other business owners. Not only do these people need massage & have a network that they can share your information with, there are many opportunities to combine efforts with colleagues to make your marketing lives easier!

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Word of Mouth

Word-of-mouth is a potent marketing tool for massage therapists. Delight clients with exceptional service, turning them into brand ambassadors who spread positive recommendations. Incentivize referrals and reviews, making it effortless for clients to share their love for your practice. Leverage the power of word-of-mouth to grow your client base and establish a trusted reputation in the community.

Learn More - Coming Soon!

Reporting & Tracking

Effectively reporting & tracking marketing efforts is crucial for massage therapists. It will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your efforts, identify what's working, & make informed decisions based on data. 


Cost per Lead: Social

Average cost per lead for social ads ran by massage therapy businesses

Google Ads Click Through Rate

Average percentage of the click through rate on Google Search Ads for massage therapy

Cost per Lead: Google

Average cost per click for massage therapy search ads on Google 

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