Insurance Billing for
Massage Therapists

Allow our experienced team to help you learn insurance billing for massage therapists. We can show you how to get more massage clients by accepting insurance at your massage practice. We will cover:

• How to bill auto accident insurance for massage
• How to bill worker's compensation for massage
• How to bill health insurance for massage
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Learn How to Bill
Insurance Companies for Massage Services

These tips cover billing for motor vehicle accidents (also referred to as MVA/PIP claims), Workers Compensation claims, and health insurance in most states.  

Insurance Billing for Massage Therapists

Learn how to get more massage clients by accepting insurance at your massage practice
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Learn how to bill insurance for massage therapy
Business Systems for Massage Therapists

Get Your Systems in Place

The key to achieving successful insurance billing lies in maintaining optimal organization. Here are the essential systems you should implement:

• To begin with, it is crucial to have a client management system in place. Consider an online scheduler that not only enables you to securely store client information but also streamlines your administrative tasks.
• In addition, an efficient insurance billing management system is vital. Office Ally, for instance, is an exemplary billing system for Massage Therapists.
• Employ HIPAA-compliant email & fax systems
• Finally, train your team on SOAP noting for insurance companies

Client Paperwork

Ensure your success by proactively preparing the necessary paperwork to collect from clients for insurance billing purposes. To optimize efficiency, it is recommended that you have clients complete this paperwork in advance. By doing so, you'll have ample time before their session to verify their insurance benefits, thereby streamlining the massage therapist insurance billing process.

Client Paperwork Templates
insurance paperwork for massage clients
SOAP notes for massage insurance billing

SOAP Notes

While many Massage Therapists are familiar with the process of completing SOAP notes for massage visits. A crucial piece is to emphasize the inclusion of specific information tailored for insurance companies. Doing so entails incorporating various elements, such as pain scales, percentage measurements for range of motion, and any other relevant numeric assessments of the client's progress that come to mind. By including these details, you provide comprehensive documentation that insurance companies require for thorough evaluation and reimbursement purposes.

Accept insurance at your massage practice

Steps for accepting insurance at your massage practice: 

1. First, ask the client to fill out the insurance paperwork
2. Next, verify the clients insurance benefits
3. Then, give the client their massage!
4. Fill out the SOAP notes properly
5. Finally, it's time for billing: 
• Health insurance Billing - Fill out the CMS 1500 and send it to the insurance company
• Auto Accident & Worker's Compensation Billing- Fill out the CMS 1500 and send it to the adjuster with your SOAP note, a completed W-9 form, and a prescription if needed
Insurance Billing Video Course

Track Billing and Payments

Staying on top of your insurance billing & payments for your client's massage visits is very important to collecting the payments that are due to you. We also recommend using a tracking system to ensure you don't miss out on payments. A strong tracking system can also help keep track of essential information. Our insurance billing toolkit includes a spreadsheet that will help you stay organized!

Insurance Billing Toolkit
Tracking insurance billing & payments for massage
Massage therapist following up on insurance payments


We recommend reconciling your insurance payments at least once per month. Follow-up with insurance companies and adjusters on payments that are 60 days past due. Most insurance companies won't discuss claims or payments with you until at least 30 days have passed since you submitted the claim. 

Learn how to 
bill insurance for massage

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