Insurance billing for massage therapist

How to Bill Insurance for Massage Therapy

  • Learn how to get in network with health insurance companies

  • Discover how to bill auto insurance companies for massage therapy sessions

  • Learn how to bill health insurance companies for massage therapy  


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Insurance Billing for Massage Therapists

Adding insurance billing services to your massage practice can be a great way to recession proof your practice and gain new clientele who visit regularly for pain management and injury prevention. Our goal is to help you decide if insurance billing is right for your massage business and to help you learn how to set yourself up for success through systems, paperwork, and helpful tips for getting payments in a timely manner. 

Does Health Insurance Cover Massage Therapy? 

Some health insurance plans cover massage therapy. If Massage Therapists are considered health care providers in your state then it is likely that you will be able to accept health insurance for massage therapy services. Check with your state's massage board to find the best information on your status as a health care provider & your ability to accept health insurance for massage. 

How to get massage covered by insurance companies

Set yourself up for success with our video course or a 1:1 coaching session to learn everything you need to know on how to: 

• Have clients fill out insurance paperwork
• Verify client benefits
• Effectively bill insurance companies
• Track payments
• Follow-up on claims

How to get in network or credentialed with health insurance companies

Learn how to get credentialed or in network with health insurance companies so that you can accept health insurance for massage. With our 1:1 sessions or classes you will learn how to fill out the credentialing application & what to send along with it (Oregon & Washington Massage Therapists only at this time.) 

How to bill auto insurance for massage therapy

Learn how to bill auto accident companies for MVA massages. Our sessions & classes include information on how to collect the correct information from your client, how to verify that the claim is open & active, how to bill auto insurance companies for massage, and common issues that arise with billing for MVA massage clients. 

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Let us help you get credentialed with insurance companies & learn how to bill insurance for massage therapy services today!

Massage business video courses

Video Course

We offer pre-recorded video courses on how to get in network with insurance companies (OR & WA Massage Therapists Only) and how to bill for auto accidents, workers compensation, and health insurance companies for massage using Office Ally. These courses cover everything you need to know about credentialing & insurance billing for massage therapy services at a super affordable price of only $49.99 each!

Credentialing CourseBilling Course

1:1 Virtual Coaching Sessions

Our 1:1 virtual coaching sessions are hosted via Google Meet & cover everything you need to know about insurance billing & credentialing with health insurance companies as a Massage Therapist.
Credentialing session: $300 2 hours
• This session is for OR & WA residents only
• We will fill out the credentialing application together
• We will put together your credentialing packet
• You will learn where to send the packet
Insurance Billing Session: $300 2 hours
• You will receive templates for all client paperwork
• You will receive an insurance billing tracking system
• Learn how to verify client benefits
• Learn to bill using Office Ally via PracticeMate
• Learn how to track & follow up on payments
• Covers how to bill for health, auto, & workers comp
• You will receive a video recording of all the information covered in the session
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Massage Therapists Insurance Guide
downloadable resources

Downloadable Insurance Billing Toolkit

If you already have an idea of how to bill insurance and feel like you just need a little help with client paperwork, understanding the financials, and tracking payments, then this toolkit is for you! 
Purchase the toolkit for $9.99 and you will receive:
• Client paperwork needed for billing insurance companies
• Financial forecasting spreadsheet 
• CMS 1500 form
• W-9 form
• OR Practitioner Credentialing Application
• Insurance billing resource sheet
• Insurance billing Tracking system

Download the Toolkit

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