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Meet Our Founder

Julie Campbell spent over 10 years as a Massage Therapist, Massage Business Owner, and teaching business and insurance billing to massage therapists. She achieved her lifelong goal of obtaining her masters degree in business in 2017 and uses her knowledge and experience to help her fellow massage therapists grow their businesses. Julie has a passion for helping her colleagues succeed and always aims to share real life and practical information to help them thrive & grow. 

Julie Campbell Massage Business Coach


We work hard to help our clients be successful. Thank you for letting us be part of your journey!

Julie is a very helpful, down-to-earth, and patient business coach. I recommend having a session with her to help you with your massage business!


Julie offered some great introductory info on website optimization and advertising, things I've been winging for years. I feel a lot more clear on how to navigate through this stuff now. Definitely worth it.


After my coaching session with Julie I felt very emboldened and informed. Would recommend her 110%. Very personable and encouraging.


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Anytime you are considering working with a marketing agency or business coach it is important to make sure they are the right fit for you & your massage business

Massage Business Help


Individual Massage Therapists who are looking for help with insurance billing, getting in network with insurance companies, getting massage clients, or taking the next step in their career. 

Small Business Owners

Massage Therapists who own small practices with or without a team. We can help you build a strong foundation and grow your team & massage clientele. 

Spa's, Clinics, and wellness centers

Massage spa's, clinics, and wellness centers can benefit from our website services, branding & target market business coaching, and much more!

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