Client Retention for Massage Therapists

Learning how to keep your clients coming back for regular massage appointments is key to building a strong & sustainable massage practice

Client retention tips for massage therapists

Pay attention to the Massage Clients Details

Many Massage Therapists can give a great massage, the extras are often what keep client's coming back! Consider the following:

• Make notes on personal events that clients share with you so that you can ask about them in future appointments. For example, if a client tells you their mother is ill, you can ask them how she is doing in your next session. This makes clients feel cared for & understand that you are listening to them. 

• Make your massage room & table as comfortable as possible for clients. For example, you can extra padding and optional heat to your table. 

Ask clients to rebook

It might seem obvious but you would be surprised at how many therapists forget the importance of asking clients to rebook their massage appointments before they leave their session. After a massage, most clients are feeling extremely relaxed & may be a bit out of it. They are relying on your team to guide them through the checkout & rebooking process. Invite your clients back for a follow-up massage session or even get them on the books for a regular day & time. 

client retention for massage businesses
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Make it easy

• Review your processes to ensure that you & your team are offering the best experience to your clients 

• Make rebooking easy for clients through online schedulers, email, text & phone calls

• Follow-up with clients after appointments & when you haven't seen them in a while to keep your business top of mind.

Free Client Recall Template

Create a Benefit Program

Enticing clients to share the love for their favorite Massage Therapists is a great way to keep them coming back and grow your clientele

Important considerations

Benefit programs don't have to equal discounts, you can appreciate clients with additional massage time, extra amenities, or small gifts. Rewarding your clients should feel good to you as well as them. Always remember that these types of programs are an investment just like any marketing action you might take. It is always easier to keep a client than to bring in new ones!

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Ask your massage clients for feedback regularly

Give your massage clients lots of opportunities to provide feedback so that you can understand what you are doing well & improvements that can be made. Surveys & comment cards are great ways to solicit feedback. Don't forget to ask for Google reviews as well!

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