Insurance credentialing for Massage Therapists

Get Credentialed with Health Insurance as a Massage Therapist

Grow your massage clientele and offer an important benefit to your clients by getting in network with health insurance companies

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Credentialing for Massage Therapists OR | WA

How to get in Network with Health Insurance Companies

This information covers credentialing for massage therapists located in OR & WA. While it may benefit therapists in other states, we do not have the specifics for those states at this time. 

Step 1

Fill out the Credentialing Application & W-9
Fill out the credentialing application & W-9 for your state
•You will need an NPI number
•You will need your work history since the time you started massage school
•You will need 3 professional references
•You will need your CE credit information for the last 2 years
•You will need your liability insurance information

Step 2

Gather Your Documents in one digital file, we will call this your "credentialing packet"
Gather all of your documents:
• OR and/or WA Massage License
• Credentialing Application
• W-9
• Liability insurance certificate

Step 3

Send Credentialing Packet to Insurance Companies

Send your "credentialing packet" to individual insurance companies. See the section below on where to send your packet

Step 4

Communicate in a Timely Manner
Keep an eye on important communications from insurance companies. When they reach out for information you typically have a limited time to respond and if you miss that deadline you will have to start the credentialing process over again. 

Step 5

Contract Documents
Receive and review the contracts thoroughly. Sign, date, and return them in a timely manner. 

Important: You are not officially ready to start accepting health insurance clients until the date the contract becomes active

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Where to send your contracting documents

OR & WA Massage Therapists

We don't have information in other states at this time but we will be working to add this information soon. 

Regence BCBS

Email your credentialing packet to: regence_credentialing

Moda Health

Learn more about Moda's credentialing process here and follow the steps listed to get in network with them

United Health Care

Start here to get in network with UHC

First Choice Health

Start here to get in network with FCH

Providence | Cigna | HealthNet | Aetna - ASH Network

American Specialty Health handles the credentialing for Providence, Cigna, HealthNet, and Aetna. You can begin the credentialing process with them by filling out their online form here

PacificSource & Kaiser

CHP handles all of the credentialing for PacificSource and Kaiser. Begin the process by filling out their online form here


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OR & WA Credentialing Documents

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