Systems & Financials for massage therapists

The Path to Success Begins with a Strong Foundation

Thoughtful financial planning and implementing well designed processes, policies, and systems in your massage business will allow you to grow your practice sustainably and reduce the feelings of overwhelm that often accompany the life of an entrepreneur.

What are Systems?

The most simple definition is that systems are "the way things are done" in your business. This can include policies, procedures, how you answer the phone, how you check out a client, how you sell products, and more! 

Examples of Systems

You may want to consider creating the systems listed below for your massage business. If you already have them in place, creating documentation on those can go a long way in creating a strong foundation for your business to grow from. 

The procedure for opening or closing your space
What to do if a client is inappropriate
Late & cancellation policies
Health & safety protocols
Pricing policies
Employee/team member handbook
Client or team member sick policy
Non-discrimination policy
Event massage protocols
Marketing messaging rules
Membership, package, gift certificate policies
Inclement weather policy
Insurance protocols
How to schedule, reschedule, cancel a client appointment
Downtime protocol for team members
Client retention protocols
Team member & owner exit protocol
Client complaint & refund protocol
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Setting strategic goals for your massage practice and measuring results is the only way you will know that you are on track for success. Review the following report ideas to see if there is anything you should start tracking: 

Marketing actions & reporting
Client retention rate
Cost per client
Growth rate
Insurance payments recieved
Insurance payments outstanding
Client attrition rate
Email marketing statistics
Number of clients per week/month/year
Revenue monthly/annually
Expenses monthly/annually
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Financial Planning, Strategy, & Management

Careful planning & management of your massage business financials is essential to the success of your business. 

Monthly Bookkeeping

Monthly budgeting will provide you with financial control, increased accountability, and the ability to track expenses, ultimately fostering financial stability


Good accounting practices enable practice owners to maintain accurate records, make informed financial decisions, and ensure compliance with tax regulations.
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Congrats! You are ready for the next step

Now that you have built a strong business foundation, you can start spreading the word!

Marketing for Massage Therapists

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