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Growing a successful & sustainable massage practice can feel overwhelming. We understand your goals & your struggles. We are looking forward to being part of your growth & success!

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"Julie gave me fresh ideas for digital marketing and a detailed financial spreadsheet to keep me organized! Her warm and caring teaching style was WONDERFUL. I highly recommend her coaching to new and experienced massage therapists."


Business Coaching Client

"Julie offered some great introductory info on website optimization and advertising, things I've been winging for years. I feel a lot more clear on how to navigate through this stuff now. Definitely worth it."


Business Coaching Client

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Mission & Values

Our goal is to help Massage Therapists start their business with a strong foundation. We believe that accomplishing the basics successfully
will facilitate a more direct path to success.

We  understand that the business side of things is not why most Massage Therapists entered into the Massage profession and that is why we have created so many resources to help you spend more time doing what you love!

Approach every client with respect, care & consideration - discrimination will not be tolerated

Understand that we are all human & that means we each have unique needs & ways to approach a situation. We will do our best to accommodate every client & meet them where they are

Be a trustworthy partner to our clients

We are committed to continuous improvement

Be true to ourselves & help our clients do the same

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