Hiring & Management for Massage Therapists

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Most Massage Therapy business owners will eventually ask themselves if it's time to start adding more people to their team. Doing so can increase income and allow you to serve more clients. However, it is a big decision and we have put together some information to help you decide if managing a team is the right choice for you.  
Systems and financials for massage therapists

Financial Planning

Set yourself up for success by analyzing your budget and performing a financial analysis to understand the impact a new team member will have on your business and what you will need to make on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis in order to support them. 

You will also want to outline a clear plan for how and when you will pay your new massage therapist. Including percentage breakdown or hourly pay, how you will track amounts owed vs. amounts paid, and by what means you will pay your new team member. 

Policies, Procedures, & Systems

Make your work life easier by creating clear policies and procedures for your team members to reference and follow. Even processes that feel simple to you, might be complicated to someone else. Having a guide might save you both a lot of stress and anxiety. Implementing policies, procedures, and systems in your massage therapy business can be the difference between a healthy and a toxic work culture for your team. 

Systems & Financials
Policies and procedures for massage therapy businesses
Facebook marketing for massage therapists

Marketing Planning

It takes time to build a new massage therapist's clientele. Once you understand how many additional clients you will need to bring in per month, you can develop a marketing strategy to meet those goals. Ideally you would create a marketing plan with the new hire in mind prior to bringing them onto the team. You can include things like happy hour appointments, paid ads, updated signage, social media posts, recall past clients, or even an open house event to introduce your new team member to your neighborhood. 

Marketing Planning

Hiring & Management 

Hire Slow & Fire Fast

It may sound harsh, but it is necessary to find the right team members for your massage practice and not every person will be a fit. Take your time to interview candidates to ensure they are the best person for your team. Choosing the wrong person for the job will happen sometimes, when it does, you are only hurting yourself, your new team member, and your clients by keeping the person around. If you have tried mentoring them and they still aren't where you need them to be, it is time to move on.  

Write a Great Job Description

You will be much more likely to find the right massage therapist for your practice if you write a job description that fits your personality and business brand. Take your time to outline your expectations and boundaries so that you quickly filter out candidates who might not be aligned with your business needs. It is also ideal to include any benefits that make your business stand out as a great place to work. There are many jobs for Massage Therapists and not all of them are good places to work. By outlining how you go the extra mile for your team you are more likely to attract top talent. 

Learn How to be an Effective Manager

Many people forget that managing others is a skill set that must be obtained in order to create a work culture that massage therapists will enjoy. Check out the assessments below to see where your strengths & weaknesses are in the realm of managing others. 

Management Skills Assessments:

Mind Tools Test
Skills You Need Test

Massage Employees vs. Independent Contractors

It is important to understand the differences in hiring & managing Massage Therapists as contractors vs. Employees. 

Independent Contractors
Can set their schedule & pricing
Job has a specific end date
Provide their own supplies
No mandatory meetings
Should do some of their own marketing
Set schedule & pay
Employer pays & withholds taxes  
Employment agreement & training & procedures
Employer can dictate how massage is performed 
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