Learn how to update your provider information with health insurance companies as a massage therapist when you change your address or other information.

Step 1: Update NPI Number Information

Step 2: Update Health Insurance Companies Individually

  • Regence Blue Cross Blue Sheild: Click this link and enter your zip code to get information that is relevant to your area
  • PacificSource
  • Cigna: Submit this form with your updated information and update your directory listing within the portal
  • Providence, PacificSource, Kaiser: Update your information within your OneHealthPort Account. Here are instructions for updating your information within the portal
  • Moda Health: Email - providerupdates@modahealth.com to request and change of information form

A Guide to Setting Fair Massage Service Prices

As a massage therapist, you know the value of your services. You've invested time and money in your education and training, and you have the skills and experience to help people relax, relieve pain, and improve their overall health and well-being. But setting fair prices for your massages can be tricky. You don't want to overcharge your clients, but you also don't want to undervalue your work.

In this blog post, we'll discuss the factors you need to consider when setting your massage prices, and we'll provide some tips for setting fair prices that will help you attract new clients and grow your business.

How to Set Prices for Your Massage Business

There are a few key factors you need to consider when setting your massage prices:

The cost of doing business:

  •  In addition to your hourly rate, you'll also need to factor in the cost of your overhead, such as rent, utilities, and insurance. It is important to run a financial analysis of your expenses vs. income so that you understand what your true bottom line is as well as your cost per client. Check out our financial forecasting tool for massage therapy businesses. It can help you understand your business financials and help you make effective financial decisions for your massage business now and in the future.

Your Branding and Ideal Clientele:

  • Your branding and ideal client groups should play a role in your pricing strategy. For example, if you often market your business as affordable and are working to attract low-income clientele, you will want to price your services on the lower end of the spectrum (but still meet your bottom line.) In contrast, if you are marketing your massage business as premium services and serving a niche or high-end clientele, you will want to set your prices on the higher end of the spectrum. Not sure who your ideal clients are? Check out our blog post on How to choose a target audience and buy our branding and target market template.

Your skill level and experience:

  • As a massage therapist, you constantly learn and grow. The more experience you have, the more you should charge for your services.

The competition:

  • It's important to be aware of the prices charged by other massage therapists in your area. You don't want to charge too much or too little for your area unless the specific clientele you serve can support it.

Tips for Setting Fair Massage Prices

Once you've considered all of the factors above, you can start to set fair prices for your massages. Here are a few tips:

  • Start by setting a base rate for your massage services based on your bottom line (the amount you have to charge to cover your salary and expenses.)
  • Then, you can adjust your prices based on the type of your ideal clientele, branding, and the amount you hope to make as profit.
  • Keep in mind that if you offer memberships, packages, promotions, or accept health insurance for massage, your actual income per massage might vary. This is why it is important to run a comprehensive analysis of your financials prior to setting your prices.
  • Don't be afraid to raise your prices! In fact, you should be raising your prices by at least 10% annually. If you need help notifying your clients of a price increase, check out our free email template here!

Here are some additional tips for setting fair massage prices:

  • Use online resources to research the average prices charged by other massage therapists in your area.
  • Run a thorough financial analysis of your expenses so that you can understand your bottom line and set your prices appropriately.
  • If you intend to offer massage memberships, packages, or promotions, be sure to set your prices with these discounts in mind so that you don't take a loss on any appointments.
  • Be transparent about your pricing. Let clients know what they're paying for, and be clear and consistent about your policies for cancellations, tardiness, and reschedules. Need help creating policies and procedures? Check out our templates!

Setting fair prices for your massages can be a challenge, but it's important to do your research and factor in all of the relevant factors. By following the tips in this blog post, you can set fair prices that will help you attract new clients and grow your business.

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