Posted on June 16, 2023

Event Marketing for Massage Therapists: Massage Therapy Marketing Ideas

How to Increase Your Massage Business Profits with Event Marketing

Event Marketing for Massage Therapists

Our goal is to help you increase clientele and learning about event marketing for massage therapists is an excellent first step! Running a massage therapy business is not an easy feat, especially when you're a small business owner. The competition is fierce, and it's challenging to attract new clients while keeping existing ones happy. Though online marketing is an excellent way to reach new customers, sometimes, it's not enough. If you're looking for a hands-on approach to marketing your business, event marketing is an excellent strategy to try. In this post, we'll give you all the tips and tricks on how to execute a successful event marketing campaign for your massage business.

Define Your Goals and Target Audience:

Before you start planning your event, figure out what you want to achieve and who your target audience is. Do you want to increase your clientele, promote a new service, or simply create a sense of community in your practice? Once you know your goals, you can plan your event to cater to your target audience.

Choose Your Event Type. As a massage therapy business owner, you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to events. Whatever event you choose, make it unique and valuable for your audience. It should be something that they'll look forward to attending and that they'll remember and talk about afterward. Here are some ideas:

Plan a Grand Opening Event

  • If you’re about to open up a new location, keep in mind that a grand opening can set the tone for your business. Plan out a grand event, showcase your new facilities, offer some promotions or discounts, and build excitement around your brand.

Offer Self-Care Workshops

  • Hosting wellness workshops related to massage therapy can draw in new clients and establish your business as an expert in the field. These workshops should provide some information and practice time to attendees either for free or for a price. Participants should leave with a few actionable ways to practice self-care at home.

Create Regular Customer Appreciation Events

  • Set up various events to show your gratitude towards your loyal customers and encourage them to return. Offer them rewards, discounts, or events just because they are customers—who doesn’t love free things?

Partner Up With Other Local Businesses

  • Partnering up with other like-minded businesses is an excellent way to grow your customer base while raising your business profile. Think of gyms, yoga studios, and health shops that can benefit from your services and vice versa.

Participate in Community Events

  • By participating in local events such as charity runs or wellness festivals, you can promote your business beyond your immediate geographical area. Set up a booth where you offer massages or educate people about the benefits of massage therapy. Such events present good opportunities to speak with potential clients and to promote your business.

Promote Your Event:

Promoting your event is just as important as planning it. Make sure you promote it through all the channels available:

  • Your website
  • Social media
  • Email newsletters
  • Flyers and posters in your practice
  • Word of mouth
  • Build anticipation and provide all the necessary details, like date, time, and location

Prepare for the Event:

On the day of your event, make sure you've got everything ready. Plan and practice your elevator pitch, lay out all the materials, and ensure that you have enough staff to assist attendees if needed.


After your event, it's time to follow up with everyone who attended. Send a thank-you email, and ask for feedback so you can improve on future events. Consider offering them a special discount or incentive to book with you!

We hope you gained some insight on how to get more massage clients from reading our post. With these event marketing tips, you can take your massage therapy business to the next level. Events give small businesses exposure, generate leads, foster client loyalty, and are fun ways to engage with potential clients. Remember always to set goals and objectives for each event, share your events on social platforms, track return on investment, and most importantly, build a relationship with your clients and community. Now go ahead and start planning to host your next event!

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