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Free Email Template to Help You Improve Client Retention for Massage 

Free Email Template to Help You Improve Client Retention for Massage

Are you a massage therapist who is looking to get inactive clients back in for a massage? If so, you need to send them a personalized email inviting them back. This free email template can help you do just that, it is designed to improve client retention for massage therapists.

The template includes all the information you need to have in your emails, such as the client's name, the date of their last massage, and a special offer to entice them back.

Benefits of this email that shows you how to retain massage clients:

  • Easy to use and customize
  • Professional and timely
  • Free to download

Here are some additional tips for writing a successful email to invite inactive clients back for a massage:

  • Be personal. Address the client by name and mention their last massage.
  • Get specific. Tell the client what you miss about them and why you think they would enjoy a massage.
  • Send in a timely manner. Send the email soon after the client's last massage.
  • Communicate clearly. State the offer you are making and the deadline for taking advantage of it.
  • Be friendly. End the email on a positive note and encourage the client to contact you.

Here are some additional ideas for the email template:

  • You could include a testimonial from another client who has returned after being inactive.
  • Offer a special discount or promotion to clients who return after being inactive.
  • Link to your website or social media pages where clients can learn more about your practice.

Download the free email template today and start inviting your inactive clients back for a massage!


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